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Swift from an Objective-C developer’s perspective

After the most recent WWDC, most iOS developers aren’t talking about cool new iOS 8 features or APIs. Instead,  they’re talking about a whole new language: Swift. Yes, you heard right – a whole new programming language. How exciting it is! Apple has … Continue reading

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Geekapalooza: My recent visit to Google I/O

src: Last week I had to pry myself away from my day-to-day life as a software developer and fly over the Pacific to attend Google I/O. Okay maybe I didn’t have to pry myself away – rather, it was … Continue reading

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Android Phones and Janky Accordions

Mobile web apps have come a long way from their clunky, cut-down ancestors of the pre-smartphone era. Responsive design and mobile-specific interactions such as touch and swipe events have begun to bridge the gap between mobile web-apps and native smartphone … Continue reading

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Faking Interactive Video on Mobile

Problem solving is a major aspect of software development, there are often many different solutions to a problem and a good developer will strive for the most simple without compromising maintainability. However, there are certain times when there’s simply no … Continue reading

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YOW Conference – Melbourne highlights

4 Shiners attended YOW Melbourne last week, which is a technology conference held yearly and brings high-profile and savvy presenters to talk on new and current trends in IT. I’ll start with an overview of the venue, crowd and the … Continue reading

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Shine selected as finalist in two categories in the Australian Mobile Awards 2013!

We are very pleased to announce that two projects by Shine Technologies have been selected as finalists in the Australian Mobile Awards 2013, which celebrate creativity, courage and innovation in mobile achievements.

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Easing the Pain of Android Software Fragmentation

Software fragmentation is a common concern for Android developers. Right now, supporting all versions down to Android 2.2 (Froyo) will make your application available to 93.5% of Google Play users. However, doing so also means you miss out on APIs that were … Continue reading

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