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Yow! Developer Conference Brisbane.

Yow! Brisbane 2011 I recently had the pleasure of attending the Brisbane Yow! Conference.  This was a great conference with talks to interest developers across many languages platforms and experience. This blog is a summary of the more interesting talks … Continue reading

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State of the DevOps Union: A report on DevOps Down Under

Representatives from Shine Technologies attended the DevOps Down Under conference in Melbourne last Friday and Saturday. In this post I thought I’d cover a couple of the more interesting trends that came up at the conference.

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Continuous Deployment of iOS Apps with Jenkins and TestFlight

I thought it was about time I should put together a simple guide on using Jenkins to build your iOS application – and for those of us that use the awesome website for managing our iOS app distribution for … Continue reading

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New Continuous Delivery Thought Article

Shine has posted a new article which highlights the great work we have done in the Continuous Delivery domain.

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But I want to make an omelette … !

Some people love it, others hate it – many people just don’t get it. So what is Test Driven Development ? Wikipedia has a page on it, there are heaps of blogs talking about it and our own Ben Teese … Continue reading

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Iterations, increments or Sprints ?

So what’s in a name … ? Does it matter what you call your chunks of work ? In many ways it doesn’t – different people use the terms inter-changeably. Sprint is specifically a Scrum term, XP tends to use … Continue reading

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Beauty and the Beast…

One of the challenges working in a consultancy on client site, is adapting modern ideas and techniques onto existing legacy systems. The temptation can be to sweep away the old and replace with the new, but most times this is … Continue reading

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