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Confessions of a Documenter

I’m going to confess something. I’ve been harbouring a terrible secret for the last few years. It’s something that I’ve tried to keep hidden away from my peers for a very long time so as not to be labeled as … Continue reading

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Put On Your Streaming Shoes

The Kick-Off Meeting It went something along the lines of: Client: “We have a new requirement for you..” Shiners: “Shoot..” Client: “We’d like you to come up a solution that can insert 2 million rows per hour into a database and be able to deliver real-time … Continue reading

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Geekapalooza: My recent visit to Google I/O

src: Last week I had to pry myself away from my day-to-day life as a software developer and fly over the Pacific to attend Google I/O. Okay maybe I didn’t have to pry myself away – rather, it was … Continue reading

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Think a Bit, Code a Bit, Test a Bit

The best piece of advice I ever got regarding a personal software development process was from a grizzled old Unix developer with a neckbeard. OK, that’s not true – it was actually from a clean-shaven principal consultant and architect at … Continue reading

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JavaOne 2013 Day Zero

The 18th JavaOne started this Sunday in San Francisco. Covering three hotels in downtown SF, Hilton, Parc55 and Nikkon and with keynotes in the Moscone Centre, Oracle OpenWorld is hands down the biggest conference I’ve ever attended.  It covers 5 … Continue reading

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Backbone Is Not Enough

Having spent the last 18 months or so working with Backbone.js, I’ve formed the following opinion: Backbone is not enough for building large single-page applications (SPAs). Sure, you and your team may be able to get your app across the … Continue reading

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Learning About Risk Management at YOW! Conference 2012

This year was my first attendance at the YOW! Conference, and I am very happy I was able to go. The conference was well-organised with great speakers and thought-provoking presentations. Fascinating to me was that several themes recurred in different … Continue reading

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