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New screencast on Koa and Javascript Generators

Senior Consultant Ben Teese recently spoke at MelbJS about a new Javascript language feature that makes asynchronous programming much more straightforward: ES6 generators. The talk focussed on Koa, a next-generation web framework for Node.js that leverages generators to avoid the callback chaos … Continue reading

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Shine wins Computerworld Data+ Award!

Shine is proud to have been awarded the Computerworld Data+ award for our work with Google BigQuery.  The innovative work is a great example of using great technology to deliver business benefit.  You can see the write up of the … Continue reading

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Shiner Ben Teese to speak at YOW! Connected on Mobile Web Development

Shine Senior Developer Ben Teese will be speaking at YOW! Connected next week. Held in Melbourne, Australia on September 8 and 9, YOW! Connected covers both Mobile Development and The Internet of Things. Ben’s talk topic is ‘The State of the Mobile … Continue reading

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Shiners to speak at Agile Australia 2014 on Big-Data Analytics

Shiners Luke Alexander and Graham Polley will be speaking at Agile Australia 2014 next week about their experiences delivering Agile Big-Data Analytics at Telstra with Google’s BigQuery. Following on from their recent interview on the Google Developer Channel, Luke and Graham … Continue reading

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Shiners interviewed on Google Developer Channel about BigQuery at Telstra

Shiners Luke Alexander and Graham Polley have appeared on the Google Developer Channel discussing the work done by Shine at Telstra using Google’s BigQuery. Having publicly challenged BigQuery to query a 30TB dataset, Luke and Graham were invited to San … Continue reading

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Shine Quoted in Google Cloud Platform Live Presentation

Shine Senior Consultant Graham Polley has been quoted in a presentation at the Google Cloud Platform Live day. Graham recently wrote about his experiences using Google BigQuery at Telstra. This came to the attention of the BigQuery team, which in-turn lead to a quote from Graham’s post … Continue reading

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Shine quoted in Wall Street Journal on Google Cloud Price-Cuts

Shiners Luke Alexander and Graham Polley have been quoted in a Wall Street Journal article reporting on Google Cloud’s recent price-cut announcements. Attending the Google Cloud Platform Live event in San Francisco yesterday, Luke and Graham discussed the impact the … Continue reading

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