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Yow! Developer Conference Brisbane.

Yow! Brisbane 2011 I recently had the pleasure of attending the Brisbane Yow! Conference.  This was a great conference with talks to interest developers across many languages platforms and experience. This blog is a summary of the more interesting talks … Continue reading

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CouchDb on Android

Synchronising advanced data structures with a backend sucks. Especially when the sync is both ways; user updates to server, server updates to user. Couchbase for Mobile attempts to solve this issue by bringing CouchDb and it’s spiffy replication to Android.

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A Good Look at Android Location Data

Getting started with the development of location-based services on Android is relatively easy thanks to the well documented location API. However, getting more serious shows there is still much uncharted territory. One such area concerns the accuracy of real-life location data, which … Continue reading

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Swipe Conference Highlights: Gamification

Of the many excellent sessions at this week’s Swipe Conference, the one titled “Build Better Cocoa Apps Using Game Mechanics” by Paris Buttfield-Addison was unique in its topic. In it, Paris outlined how gamification is currently viewed as something that can be … Continue reading

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iOS Developers and Designers: Stickin’ together is what good waffles do!

We’ve all heard developers say it: “I’m a terrible drawer” or “I’ve got no design skills”. Perhaps we’re even guilty of saying it ourselves – I know I am. But after attending this year’s Swipe Conference I now subscribe to … Continue reading

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Swipe Conference Highlights: Using gestures as shortcuts within iOS apps

Yesterday was the last day of Swipe Conference so I thought I would take this time to reiterate one of the points I took from the first presentation by Josh Clark.  Josh covered quite a few topics and if you … Continue reading

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Me Want Cookie: Session Handling with NetBiscuits Mobile Web Apps

Shine was recently involved with helping a client bring an outsourced mobile web site in-house. The site was essentially a guide for browsing business and event information for cinemas, restaurants and bars in your area. Bringing this web site in-house … Continue reading

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