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The Joys of Redis

“In our (admittedly limited) experience, Redis is so fast that the slowest part of a cache lookup is the time spent reading and writing bytes to the network” – Can Databases Be Exciting To Work With? It’s very rare … Continue reading

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Integrating SpringMVC with OpenCms

OpenCms websites tend to place a lot of responsibility for the controller and view functionality of a page on the JSP, a JEE anti-pattern known as a Monolithic/Compound JSP. We recently integrated SpringMVC into an OpenCMS website at one of our … Continue reading

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A Chatty Atmosphere

A leading online learning provider recently engaged us to add social features to their website so that students could more easily collaborate, and thus be more successful with their study. One of the main social features required was providing students … Continue reading

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Simple Session-Sharing in Tomcat Cluster Using the Session-in-Cookie Pattern Part 2: Security

In my previous post I presented the basics of sharing sessions in a cluster by storing session data in a client-side cookie. In part 2, I’ll talk about the security aspects of this client-side cookie store, i.e. how to protect … Continue reading

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The Java Specialists Symposium: Unconference + Retreat = Mad fun

In September I flew from my home in Melbourne, Australia all the way to Crete in Greece for the Java Specialists Symposium 2012. It’s an open spaces ‘unconference’ which unlike a regular conference has no set program. The schedule is … Continue reading

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Simple Session-Sharing in Tomcat Cluster Using the Session-in-Cookie Pattern Part 1: The Basics

In a recent project we needed to deploy application changes to a Tomcat cluster without outage to the end user. To accomplish this the Tomcat sessions needed to be shared across the nodes. We opted to implement a variant of the … Continue reading

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Testing for Android with Robotium

Android’s built-in testing framework is lacking on a number of levels. Enter Robotium, an open-source project. Robotium connects the dots by extending Android’s testing framework and providing convenience methods to help developers rapidly create tests. In this entry I will … Continue reading

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Unit Testing with Groovy

This post is about unit testing with Groovy. Groovy was the first language I used after Java. It lets me do a lot of the things I do with Java, but more quickly. Like many developers who are using another … Continue reading

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Halo Vert.x – Building a Chatbot With Vert.x

A little while ago I did an internal talk at Shine describing the use cases and benefits of using asynchronous web technologies. As part of the talk I showcased a little demo I’d put together called Haloworld. Haloworld is a … Continue reading

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Processing Huge JSON Files with Jackson

A couple of months ago I was asked to build a processor that would take a JSON file; perform a few elementary checks and transformations and upload the resulting records into a Couch DB. I hadn’t done any JSON, or … Continue reading

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