Google Cloud Live 2014 – A Humbling Experience


Life as a software engineer very rarely exposes you to a week like I just had. You’re usually the lucky one if you get to fly off to any type of tech conference for a day or two while the rest of the team have to stay behind plugging away on that critical fix that needs to be pushed out to production – all because you committed a magic number into the repo just before you left which caused a stack overflow (since when is 34 in a recursive function a magic number anyway?).

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Not Just About The Technology


As a Senior Consultant at Shine Technologies here in Melbourne, Australia, I get to work on some great projects, with great technology and great people. But working at Shine isn’t always just about the technology. Recently, I got to work on a project that is just about as far away from my normal day-to-day role as you can get…

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Shine @ Google Cloud Live – Tuesday 25th March 2014


We were lucky enough to get an invite to the Google Cloud Live conference this year. Being a private, invite-only event it was difficult to know what to expect, but when you hear Google and Cloud Computing in the same sentence you can’t help but get excited.

As we queued outside the small-looking building in downtown San Francisco the first thing of note was that this was by no means a massive conference – probably less than 500 attendees.  With the attendees being a mix of press, partners and developers, I heard one attendee describe it as a “who’s who of cloud computing”.

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Shine Quoted in Google Cloud Platform Live Presentation

Screenshot 2014-03-30 20.30.51

Shine Senior Consultant Graham Polley has been quoted in a presentation at the Google Cloud Platform Live day.

Graham recently wrote about his experiences using Google BigQuery at Telstra. This came to the attention of the BigQuery team, which in-turn lead to a quote from Graham’s post being used by Engineering Manager Jim Caputo in his ‘The Power of Big Data on Google Cloud Platform‘ presentation at Google Cloud Platform Live.

Graham and Shine Head of Consulting Luke Alexander attended the event in San Francisco. For Luke’s summary and analysis of what was announced, see his recent blog post.

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Shine quoted in Wall Street Journal on Google Cloud Price-Cuts


Shiners Luke Alexander and Graham Polley have been quoted in a Wall Street Journal article reporting on Google Cloud’s recent price-cut announcements.

Attending the Google Cloud Platform Live event in San Francisco yesterday, Luke and Graham discussed the impact the price cuts will have on the monthly costs of using BigQuery to analyse online advertising data for Telstra .

Google’s product offerings in the cloud space are very exciting for Shine as they complement those offered by Amazon’s AWS, which we already have extensive experience with. The price cuts announced by Google are the icing on the cake.

Before heading back home, Luke and Graham will be filming a spot for the Google Developers channel discussing the work they’ve been doing with BigQuery. We’ll let you know when it’s available.


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Shine to film Google Developer Channel spot on BigQuery


Shiners Luke Alexander and Graham Polley are currently in San Francisco to film a spot for the Google Developers channel and attend Google Cloud Platform Live.

Graham’s recent post on our work with Google BigQuery at Telstra attracted the attention of Felipe Hoffa, Developer Programs Engineer at BigQuery. This in-turn led to a mention by none other than Urs Hölzle, SVP of Technical Infrastructure at Google.

Felipe then invited us over to film a spot for the Google Developers channel and attend the Google Cloud Platform Live day. Only a limited number of tickets were available to the general public, so we’re super-excited to be there and hear more about what Google are up to in the cloud space. We’re also looking forward to working with Felipe to film a presentation talking about what we’ve been up to with BigQuery at Telstra.

We’ll let you know as soon as the video spot is available online. And if you’re at Google Cloud Platform Live and run into Luke or Graham (an Englishman and an Irishman – they’re hard to miss), be sure to say hello!

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JavaScript Webapps with Gradle

Duke_the_Ripper IAP4377

Gradle is a build tool on the JVM platform that’s been gaining prominence over the last few years. Gradle’s reach doesn’t stop with JVM languages though.  The most recent releases, 1.10 and 1.11, have improved support for compiling native code (C / C++ / Objective C) and introduced support for the .NET platform. For Android projects, Google have made Gradle the de facto build tool. It’s getting a name for its flexibility, so when the opportunity came to build a single page Javascript webapp we decided to put the latest addition to the polyglot build tool arsenal through its paces. Continue reading

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