ES6 Promises are here!

The ES6 spaceship has landed and promises are amongst the first new features to come down the ramp. I’m very excited about this.

This is because I love promises. They’ve been lurking around for years in different incarnations, but now that we’ve settled on a standard, I think now’s the time to learn them if you haven’t already.

So in this post I’m going to talk about what promises are, why they’re awesome, and how you can start using them right now.

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AWS Partner Summit Sydney 2015: Conference Report


A couple of weeks ago Shine attended an exclusive Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Roundtable, AWS Partner day, and open-to-all AWS Summit day in Sydney. In this post – the first of two – I’m going to talk about my experiences at the Roundtable and the Partner day.

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Securing your Spring App using 2FA

2a_02 Not so long ago, a good old username and password were considered more than enough to secure access to our applications and favourite web sites. But back then, nobody could have imagined the countless ways in which a hacker can now get a hold of our precious login credentials. From software exploits to social engineering, security has been drawn into the spotlight like never before, and software developers must really think hard about security when building any type of software solution. In this blog post, I’ll explain how you can secure your Spring applications using 2FA (Two Factor Authentication). Continue reading

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Agile UX 2015: Conference Report

With permission by @bencrothers

Image with permission by @bencrothers

Last month I had the opportunity to attend the Agile UX conference in Sydney.  A one day conference, run by UX Australia, the topics centred around “designing great user experiences within an Agile environment”.  For me, as a non-UX practitioner, my goal was a greater insight into some of the challenges that others in the UX field are facing.

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Playing with Play Framework 2.3.x: REST, pipelines, and Scala


It’s an established trend in the modern software world that if you want to get something done, you’ll probably need to put together a web service to get do it. People expect data and services to be available everywhere, in a mobile world. With the plethora of frameworks and technologies available to go about implementing a web service, it becomes a chore to try using anything beyond what’s already familiar. But every now and then it’s an enjoyable experience to dive into something new and distinctly unfamiliar. Continue reading

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Spring Data REST and Projections



In recent years, Spring has become much more than just a dependancy injection container and an MVC web application framework. Nowadays, it’s the go-to for building enterprise solutions due to the fact it has a fantastic community built up around it, and it has a multitude of projects that makes every developer’s life that little bit easier! In this blog post, I’m going to briefly introduce Spring Data REST, and how we used it and an unknown feature called ‘projectionson a recent project. Continue reading

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Hooking up to the real world with microcontrollers


Much of our IT work at Shine Technologies deals with fairly dry commercial concepts like page views, web clicks and conversion rates. In this post I’ll describe a personal IT project I undertook with a more tangible “real world” application: adapting a modern car’s electronics to work in a replica of a 1950’s sportscar. I hope that, in doing so, I’ll  encourage you to consider playing with microcontrollers and interfacing to the real world too.

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