Adobe Innovation Session (June 2015)


As part of the Adobe Partner program, various sessions and events are organised to keep partners updated on the latest features of the Adobe Marketing Cloud platform. Best practices are also talked about in order to deliver high quality solutions to clients that invest in Adobe’s digital experience management solutions.

On June 3rd, Shine Technologies was invited to an Innovation Session with a focus on leveraging the Adobe Marketing Cloud to deliver engaging customer experiences.

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Video of ‘Big Data the Cloud Way’ presentation now available

Video of the recent ‘Big Data the Cloud Way’ presentation by Shine’s Graham Polley and Shane Neubauer is now available.

In it, Graham and Shane talk about how they used both the Google and Amazon cloud stacks at Telstra to query massive quantities of data in super-fast times using regular SQL queries.

In a world of exponentially-growing datasets, we think these technologies have tremendous potential for businesses because they make large-scale data analytics easy and affordable. If you want to learn more, check out the video!

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ES6 with Babel.js


With Babel.js, we can all use ES6 before browsers support it

ECMAScript 2015, also commonly known as ES2015 or ES6, is the specification that defines the ECMAScript language, of which JavaScript is one implementation. This new version of the specification introduces language features to JavaScript that can improve developer efficiency and happiness.

Some features of the ES6 spec have already been implemented in browsers, whilst others are only beginning to be implemented. However if your desired features are not implemented yet, or you need to support older browsers, it is still possible to get the benefits of ES6 now by using Babel.js.

Over the last few months we have been using Babel to gain access ES6 features, while still maintaining support for browsers like Internet Explorer 9. In this blog post I will explain what Babel is, and how you can use Babel for yourself.

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Shine proud to support CoderDojo for kids

Shine was extremely proud to be part of the very first CoderDojo in Melbourne at the Inspire9 building last Saturday.

Organised by Shine’s Graham Polley, volunteers mentored ten enthusiastic kids (or “Ninjas”!) between the ages of 7 and 17 years, and guided them towards making their first steps into the world of software development!


‘Dancing Cat’ using Scratch

Shiners Graham Polley and Shane Neubauer helping a Coder Dojo attendee

Shiners Graham Polley and Shane Neubauer helping a Coder Dojo attendee

The kids had a fantastic time using Scratch, which teaches the basics of programming to children. Their first challenge was to program a cat to move, make noises and even disco-dance on the screen!

This was a great opportunity for kids to learn from real professionals in the industry. At times, the kids were even encouraged to mentor each other, which was really terrific to see.


The sessions are run every second weekend on a Saturday, and many of the kids from the first session have already registered to attend the next session on 11 July.

If you’d like to learn more, become a mentor, or even just help out, then visit the Melbourne CoderDojo at Inspire9 website, or follow them on Twitter, and Facebook.

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Customer Experience 2015: Conference Report

Last month I had the opportunity to attend the Customer Experience Conference 2015 (CX 2015) run by UX Australia.  The conference was about designing customer services, and was coupled with a single-day workshop demonstrating techniques for customer journey mapping.

There are many definitions available for ‘Customer Experience’, but Forrester Research has the best I have found: “How customers perceive their interactions with your company.”

Here are summaries of two presentations that explain what CX consists of and highlight the value of user-centered design methods.

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Web Directions Code 2015: Conference Report

webdirectionsWeb Directions’ Code is a front end engineering conference that’s been run in Melbourne, Australia since 2012. I was lucky enough to attend this year’s conference, held under the spire at the iconic Melbourne Arts Center.

It featured a number of expert speakers and aimed to provide a refresher on the state of the industry concerning both web development technologies and best practises. This post is a rundown of some of the things I learnt throughout this two day event as well as a detailed look at some of the presentations I found most engaging.

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Upcoming Shine Event: Leveraging Big Data in the Cloud using Google and AWS

big data

Shine would like to invite you to a special event we are hosting in Melbourne on July 8.

In a one-off presentation to be held at ACMI in Federation Square, Shiners Graham Polley and Shane Neubauer will share with you the story of how they helped Telstra analyse massive data sets in a matter of seconds using the power of the cloud.

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