YOW! Connected 2015: Conference Report


Last week I had the privilege of attending the YOW! Connected conference in Melbourne, Australia. YOW! Connected offers a look at all the interesting things that are happening in the mobile and IoT (Internet of Things) space, from the perspective of both software developers and UX designers.

On the mobile front it included a variety of talks relating to both the iOS and Android platforms and yes, even a little bit of Windows.

In general all the talks that I went to were pretty good,  but here I will write about a few that particularly interested me.

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Faster, Higher, Stronger! Go Go Go!


It was a Friday and I was thinking about what to do on the weekend. My better half was going shopping with her friends, and I was choosing between bike riding on the Great Ocean Road or having a garage party with friends.

Then, just before I was going to shut my laptop, I took a quick look at Reddit and saw a post about a challenge that the guys from Go Challenge run each week.

So that’s what I decided to do that weekend…and the next 3.

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Shiners nominated for ‘Google Developer Expert’ program!


Shine are delighted to announce that our very own Pablo Caif, and Graham Polley have both been nominated to become part of the Google Developer Expert program!

Becoming an expert, means undergoing a stringent evaluation and interview process, as well as being nominated by a Google employee, authorised by the Google Developers team, and all based on the special contribution they make to their field.

If you’ve been following our blog, then you’ll know that the guys have been doing some awesome work for our client Telstra using the Google Cloud Platform. In particular, they’ve been building scalable big data solutions using bleeding edge technology tools like BigQuery and Dataflow. In addition to building these cool solutions, they’ve both been blogging, and giving talks on their experiences.

The Dataflow engineering team decided it was high time that both Pablo and Graham should be acknowledged for their contribution to the Google cloud platform, and decided to nominate both of them. Their nominations have been submitted for the Cloud Platform category, which will in fact make them the first developer experts in that category in Australia! WOW!

We’d like to wish Graham and Pablo all the best with their application, and hopefully they’ll be awarded the braggable title of ‘Google Developer Expert’ in the not so distant future!

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Shiner Ben Teese to speak at YOW! Connected


Shine is proud to announce that senior consultant Ben Teese will be speaking at the YOW! Connected conference being held in Melbourne on the 17th and 18th of September.

Ben’s topic will be React Native, an innovative new framework that applies the principles of the React web development library to native mobile application development.

If you haven’t purchased a ticket to YOW! Connected yet, be sure to get one whilst they’re still available. And if you’re already coming, be sure to check out Ben’s talk and say hi afterwards!

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Adobe Innovation Session (June 2015)


As part of the Adobe Partner program, various sessions and events are organised to keep partners updated on the latest features of the Adobe Marketing Cloud platform. Best practices are also talked about in order to deliver high quality solutions to clients that invest in Adobe’s digital experience management solutions.

On June 3rd, Shine Technologies was invited to an Innovation Session with a focus on leveraging the Adobe Marketing Cloud to deliver engaging customer experiences.

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Video of ‘Big Data the Cloud Way’ presentation now available

Video of the recent ‘Big Data the Cloud Way’ presentation by Shine’s Graham Polley and Shane Neubauer is now available.

In it, Graham and Shane talk about how they used both the Google and Amazon cloud stacks at Telstra to query massive quantities of data in super-fast times using regular SQL queries.

In a world of exponentially-growing datasets, we think these technologies have tremendous potential for businesses because they make large-scale data analytics easy and affordable. If you want to learn more, check out the video!

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ES6 with Babel.js


With Babel.js, we can all use ES6 before browsers support it

ECMAScript 2015, also commonly known as ES2015 or ES6, is the specification that defines the ECMAScript language, of which JavaScript is one implementation. This new version of the specification introduces language features to JavaScript that can improve developer efficiency and happiness.

Some features of the ES6 spec have already been implemented in browsers, whilst others are only beginning to be implemented. However if your desired features are not implemented yet, or you need to support older browsers, it is still possible to get the benefits of ES6 now by using Babel.js.

Over the last few months we have been using Babel to gain access ES6 features, while still maintaining support for browsers like Internet Explorer 9. In this blog post I will explain what Babel is, and how you can use Babel for yourself.

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